Design and production are closely linked at Paul Rogers. After all, we grew out of a workshop. Since more than sixty years, we produce our own designs and today we dispose of several production facilities, located in three different continents. This promotes a fertile interaction between production and design and enables us to control all steps of the production process and to guarantee top-notch quality.


Production and sustainability

What is the most sustainable way to manufacture furniture? Designing products that endure, preferably for eternity. Our entire design and production philosophy is geared towards this goal. The designs, for a start, not only appeal today, but will impress tomorrow. Modern classics that bring you long-lasting enjoyment and that preserve their value, so people pass them on to other generations. 

The same holds true for production. We adhere to all regulations concerning environmentally friendly design and manufacturing. And in order to create sustainable, comfortable, functional pieces, we stick to high-quality Materials, e.g. strong woods, top-grade fabrics and tested components that meet the highest standards.