By Stefano Prevosti

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Flow sofa: A symphony of bold, elegant and organic design.

Its name, "Flow," captures the essence of its form—a dynamic, seamless harmony of bold, elegant, and organic elements that redefines the very concept of modern seating. The deep, rounded contours of the Flow Sofa draw the eye and invite touch, evoking a sense of visual and tactile delight. It's a design that speaks of both confidence and sophistication.

These soft, inviting lines are consistently present throughout the entire collection, which comprises a variety of modules that can be artfully arranged to create linear, angular, or uniquely shaped compositions. You can mix and match modules to create a configuration that suits your lifestyle, whether it's an intimate two-seater or a sprawling sectional for entertaining guests.

Stefano Prevosti
Designed by Stefano Prevosti

“My work is based on the research for uniqueness and on attributing a graphic identity to the product through the accurate simplification of its outline.”

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